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Episode 01: Commit to Your Niche with James Wise

August 21, 2019

During the first episode of the Sam’s On Fire podcast, host Sam Livingston, business coach, and realtor, talks to James Wise, co-owner of Holton-Wise Real Estate. Wise shares how he found the right niche for his business when he followed his interest in real estate investments. With a candid approach, Wise tells realtors to embrace what they’re passionate about and then market aggressively. He shares about his non-traditional approach to real estate marketing and reminds realtors to fully commit to what resonates with them. 


Episode Highlights: 

  • James Wise is a non-traditional realtor. He wanted to become a landlord first and then became a real estate agent to propel his business forward. His brand is entirely focused around rental real estate. 
  • Wise now runs a $50 million dollar real estate portfolio and has sold over $123 million dollars in real estate since 2013. 
  • Find a niche and don’t be afraid to go into it full bore.
  • Trying to be a jack of all trades in real estate can bring you down. Embrace your niche. 
  • The worst kept secret in the industry is that you don’t get to determine when people buy or sell houses. Market so hard, so frequently, with such laser focus, that when people do decide to sell, you’re the person they think of. 
  • Wise has several tv shows that are integral to his marketing strategy. These shows provide massive value and drive traffic through education. 
  • Put value into the marketplace. Value = eyeballs. Eyeballs = Sales.
  • Stop posting pictures of your business cards. Instead, find a way to provide value to your audience. Show them that you’re the expert.
  • The goal of any advertising campaign should be to produce a follower or a fan. Once you have a person that has decided you are the expert on that product or service, they will buy from you. 
  • Check your ego at the door thinking that you can do everything better than anyone else. Stay on message.
  • Dare to be polarizing. If you want to say something, accept that not everyone is going to like you. What you need to do is get conversations started so you are top of mind. People sometimes miss the opportunity to engage their audience by avoiding polarizing topics.
  • Cutting out the part of his business that wasn’t thriving was liberating for Wise. His company was held back when it was trying to do too many different things. 
  • It’s incredibly important to pay attention to cycles in the market. You want to be super niche, but you do have to understand that the market will force you to adapt and adjust.
  • You can screen out the time-wasters. Pick out the one thing you do better than anyone else and replicate that again and again. 


3 Key Points:

  1.   Analyzing your skillset and assessing your strengths will help you choose the right niche for your business. 
  2.   Marketing is a long-term process. Provide value to your audience so they will see you as the expert. 
  3.   Fully commit to doing only one thing and doing that thing exceptionally well. 


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